Building A Single Storey Extension

Posted on: November 22, 2023
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Benefits of Adding a Single Storey Extension

In the ever-evolving landscape of homeownership, the need for additional space often arises, and one of the most practical solutions is the addition of a single storey extension. Whether you find your family outgrowing your current living space, or you simply desire a new area for specific activities, a single storey extension can be a transformative investment. This introduction aims to delve into the purpose and myriad benefits that come with the decision to extend your property horizontally.

As families grow, so do their spatial requirements. What once felt like an ample living space might now seem cramped, prompting the need for expansion. A single storey extension provides an opportunity to adapt your home to your changing lifestyle without the complexities of moving to an entirely new residence.

The Main Benefits of a Single Storey Extension:

  • Enhanced Functionality
  • Added Property Value
  • Avoiding the Hassle of Moving
  • Tailored Aesthetics.

Planning and Preparation – Assessing the Need for an Extension

When contemplating the construction of a single storey extension, the initial step is a comprehensive assessment of your space requirements. This involves a thorough consideration of your current and future needs, ensuring that the extension aligns with your lifestyle and accommodates the specific functions you envision. Whether it’s creating a spacious kitchen, a comfortable home office, or an entertainment area, a clear understanding of your spatial needs lays the foundation for a well-designed extension that seamlessly integrates with your existing living space.

Equally crucial in the early planning stages is a deep dive into local zoning regulations. Municipalities often have specific guidelines and restrictions regarding property development, and understanding these regulations is paramount to a successful project. This includes considerations such as setback requirements, maximum building heights, and any restrictions on land use. Navigating the intricacies of zoning regulations early on can prevent potential setbacks and ensure that your single storey extension complies with local codes, ultimately streamlining the permitting process.

Budgeting and financing are integral components of the planning phase, shaping the feasibility of your extension project. Establishing a realistic budget involves a careful evaluation of construction costs, materials, labor, and any additional expenses that may arise during the course of the project. It’s advisable to include a contingency fund to account for unforeseen circumstances. Simultaneously, exploring financing options, whether through personal savings, home equity loans, or other avenues, allows you to align your financial resources with the scope and scale of your envisioned single storey extension. A well-defined budget and financing plan provide the financial framework needed to turn your expansion dreams into a tangible reality without unnecessary financial strain.

Designing Your Single Storey Extension

Collaborating with skilled architects and building designers is a pivotal step in the process of designing a single storey home extension. These professionals bring expertise, creativity, and a wealth of experience to the table, helping transform your ideas into a cohesive and functional design. When selecting an architect or designer, it’s essential to consider their portfolio, understanding their aesthetic sensibilities and ability to adapt to your specific requirements. Open communication is key during this collaboration, fostering an environment where ideas can be exchanged, and the design can evolve to meet both your vision and practical needs.

Effective communication is a linchpin in the successful realisation of your vision for the single storey extension. Clearly articulating your expectations, preferences, and functional requirements to your design team ensures that the resulting plans align with your aspirations. Regular and open dialogue allows for the incorporation of personal touches, creating a space that not only addresses your practical needs but also resonates with your unique aesthetic sensibilities. This collaborative approach not only streamlines the design process but also enhances the likelihood of achieving a finished product that feels like a seamless extension of your existing home.

In the pursuit of a well-designed single storey extension, maximising natural light and ventilation is a design principle that contributes to both aesthetics and functionality. Thoughtful placement of windows, skylights, and glass doors can flood the space with sunlight, creating an inviting and spacious atmosphere. Beyond aesthetics, harnessing natural light helps reduce the need for artificial lighting, contributing to energy efficiency. Simultaneously, strategic consideration for ventilation, through windows and airflow pathways, ensures a comfortable and healthy indoor environment. Balancing these elements in the design phase sets the stage for a single storey extension that not only expands your living space but does so in a way that harmonises with the surrounding environment.

Single storey extension design

Obtaining Necessary Permits and Approvals

Before embarking on the construction of a single storey extension in Geelong, thorough research into local building codes and permit requirements is imperative. Geelong, like many municipalities, has specific regulations that govern property development, ensuring safety, structural integrity, and adherence to community standards. Familiarising yourself with these codes is the first step in navigating the permitting process smoothly. Understanding setback requirements, height restrictions, and other zoning regulations is crucial to crafting a design that not only aligns with your vision but also complies with the city’s guidelines.

Once armed with a comprehensive knowledge of Geelong’s building codes, the next step involves the formal process of applying for permits. This typically entails submitting detailed plans and documentation to the local council for review and approval. The application process may require specific forms, detailed drawings, and other supporting documents. It is advisable to engage with the local council early in the planning stages to seek guidance and clarity on the application requirements. Timely and accurate submission, coupled with a proactive approach to addressing any potential concerns raised during the review, ensures a smoother path toward obtaining the necessary permits for your single storey extension in Geelong. Navigating this regulatory landscape diligently not only facilitates the legal construction of your extension but also paves the way for a project that enhances your living space within the bounds of local regulations.

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Hiring Contractors and Construction Teams

Choosing a reputable building contractor is paramount when undertaking the construction of a single storey extension, and DPC Building + Developments exemplifies the qualities essential for a successful project. One of the crucial factors in this decision-making process is checking references. Past clients’ experiences provide valuable insights into the contractor’s reliability, craftsmanship, and adherence to timelines. DPC Building + Developments’ satisfied clientele can attest to their commitment to delivering high-quality work and ensuring customer satisfaction, making them a reliable choice for homeowners in pursuit of a seamless extension project.

Membership in reputable industry organisations further underscores a builder’s credibility. DPC Building + Developments’ affiliation with the Housing Industry Association (HIA) signifies a commitment to upholding industry standards and best practices. HIA membership ensures that the builder is informed about the latest developments in the construction sector, providing clients with confidence in the builder’s expertise. Similarly, being a member of the Victorian Building Authority (VBA) reinforces a builder’s adherence to state regulations and professional conduct, offering clients assurance that their project is in capable hands. Choosing a builder with such affiliations, like DPC Building + Developments, ensures that your single storey extension is in compliance with industry standards and regulations.

Beyond affiliations, a reputable building contractor should provide a realistic schedule for the construction of the single storey extension, complete with definite milestones. DPC Building + Developments understands the importance of transparency and effective communication in project management. A realistic schedule not only outlines the timeline for various construction phases but also sets achievable milestones, allowing homeowners to track progress and anticipate key events. This proactive approach not only instills confidence in clients but also ensures that the construction process remains on track, delivering the completed single storey extension within the agreed-upon timeframe. DPC Building + Developments’ commitment to providing a realistic and transparent schedule underscores their dedication to a client-centric approach, making them a trusted partner for those seeking a well-managed and timely extension project.


In conclusion, embarking on the journey of building a single storey extension is a significant endeavour that requires careful planning, reliable expertise, and a commitment to excellence. Throughout this article, we’ve explored the crucial considerations in the extension-building process, from identifying space requirements to navigating local building codes, selecting reputable contractors, and designing a space that seamlessly integrates with your home. DPC Building + Developments emerges as a standout choice for those seeking a reputable builder in Geelong & surrounding areas.

DPC Building + Developments simplifies the extension building process by combining a wealth of experience with a client-focused approach. Our dedication to transparency, evidenced by a realistic schedule with definite milestones, ensures that your vision for a single storey extension becomes a reality without unnecessary stress. The importance of checking references, coupled with our memberships in industry organisations like the HIA and VBA, underscores our commitment to quality craftsmanship and adherence to the highest standards.

Choosing A Reputable Builder

If you’re in search of a reputable builder who can guide you through the extension-building journey with expertise and professionalism, look no further than DPC Building + Developments. Our track record, personalised approach, and industry affiliations as you take the exciting step of enhancing your living space. With DPC Building + Developments, you’re not just adding square footage; you’re investing in a stress-free and enjoyable process that culminates in the delight of a beautifully crafted single storey extension. Contact DPC Building + Developments today, and let the transformation begin.


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